Classen Family

This sweet family, who I’ve come to know and love over the past few years at my children’s school, is on their way out of AZ. I am not happy about it either but I am happy for them :) We had to find some nice Saguaro and Cholla cactus with the gorgeous yellow desert sun to capture their years in AZ. Mission was accomplished. I have to admit though, I’m just a tiny bit jealous of the gorgeousness that awaits them in Colorado  :) Thank you for all the ways you’ve served and been a blessing to AZ Classen family. You guys will most definitely be missed!


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Ames Family

I’ve love it when clients come back year after year and I have a chance to see not only children grown but new ones get added to the family. Sweet Boo, the youngest grew quite a bit this year AND another baby brother is on his way. Thanks for the fun we have together every year Ames family. Can’t wait to meet your newest addition next year!

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